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06. 04. 2019

New website of the conference with up-to-date informations you can find on


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Accompanying program

15. 06. 2016

On Friday videopresentation - Zdeněk Šimanovský (16.00 - 17:30), On Saturday lecture Wan Li from China (14.00 - 15.30). Bouth in Heller hall

Time and change, time of change

10. 06. 2016

New Art Therapy workshop with Eva Fenclová - info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/eva-fenclova-eng.html

New Art Therapy Workshop

10. 06. 2016

New Art Therapy workshop with Helena Strnadlová and Alena Koblicová. More info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/strnadlova-koblicova.html

Drama Therapy with Michal Růžička

02. 06. 2016

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is one of the most used in the care on field of drugs and alcohol dependence mor info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/michal-ruzicka.html   

Sacred Time of Eternal Ecstasy

26. 05. 2016

Drama Therapy workshop with Alexander Fuxbauer. Info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/alexander-fuxbauer.html

New Drama Therapy workshop

26. 05. 2016

Drama Therapy workshop with Lenka Fisherová. More info http://www.arttherapies.cz/lenka-fisherova.html

Music Therapy video presentation

03. 05. 2016

A commented video-presentation will show the work of Zdeněk Šimanovský. Informations are here: http://www.arttherapies.cz/zdenek-simanovsky-eng.html

Music Therapy Workshop with Mgr. Zuzana Ouředníčková

03. 05. 2016

Within the workshop, I would like to share the experience I gained throughout my longterm work with disabled and difficultly communicating clients who have teached me patience, empathy and ability not to work only with this target group. More info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/zuzana-ourednickova-eng.html

Bridge - art therapy workshop

25. 04. 2016

New workshop with Mgr. Hana Vojtíšková andMSc. Luděk Štěpánek - info here:



25. 04. 2016

Dr. Alice Pehk (Music Therapy Centre, Tallinn):Most of people experience emotional difficulties, decreased mood, conflicts in relationships, difficulties in decision making and other common problematic situations in their lives. Many of them can cross these obstacles and find solutions by themselves, the others need outer support for coping with these life challenges. More informations: http://www.arttherapies.cz/alice-pehk-eng.html

Between movement and word - Roberta Štěpánková

22. 04. 2016

Working with body in movement in concrete time and space is a way how to deepen our selfknowledge and enhance our creative process. When we pay attention to vznikání word and movement we follow the poetry and psychology of our being. During workshop we will focus on exploring spheres of verbal and nonverbal in process or creation of movement and finding meaning of word. Informations: http://www.arttherapies.cz/roberta-stepankova-eng.html

Searching for Healing Powers in Movement

22. 04. 2016

Workshop with Mgr. Dana Horáková is inspired by stories, that were experienced by clients during dance movement therapy sessions. info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/dana-horakova-eng.html

Security in the Horizontal plane is a Base for Stability in the Vertical

22. 04. 2016

Dance and Movement Therapy with Monika Stehlíková Lešková. Info http://www.arttherapies.cz/monika-stehlikova-leskova-eng.html

Workshop – Micro – medio – macro movement with Hana Josefína Hledíková

13. 04. 2016

If we start from peaceful place, we can follow and gently develop mikro movement of our body through breath. Perhaps we realize how lively and conscious such a movement can be. More informations: http://www.arttherapies.cz/hana-josefina-hledikova-eng.html

Who is afraid of research?

12. 04. 2016

Lecture and workshop with Hilda Wengrower, Ph.D., DMT info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/hilda-wengrower-eng.html

Drama Therapy with John Bowtell

12. 04. 2016

Many expressive arts therapists will know – or be practitioners of – Playback Theatre (PT) – a spontaneous but ritualised non-scripted drama form in which group or audience members are invited to become tellers, sharing a story from their life and witnessing it played back by members of their community in role as actors. more info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/john-bowtell-eng.html

Recovery Music Therapy Workshop with Jana Fojtíčková and Vladimír Křížová

12. 04. 2016

In our workshop, we are going to follow the journey that accompanies the recovery from mental illness. We will explore the journey through this music therapy gathering and our uniting group experience of the gathering... info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/fojtickova-krizova-eng.html   

Music Therapy workshop with Markéta Gerlichová

12. 04. 2016

The workshop deals with the use of music therapy techniques in the supervision process.

informations: http://www.arttherapies.cz/marketa-gerlichova-eng.html

Drama Therapy with Marc Willemsen

05. 04. 2016

Prisoners of neglected pasts and the liberating art of playing in the present moment

info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/marc-willemsen-eng.html

Evening Show

05. 04. 2016

Cabaret at the End of the World or Clearance Sale of Comedians


Music Therapy- Wolfgang Mastnak

05. 04. 2016

main speaker and workshop info: http://www.arttherapies.cz/mastnak-eng.html

Art Therapy - Prof. Dr. Gertraud A. Schottenloher

05. 04. 2016

Therapists support their clients/patients in their transformation processes, in replacing those negative habits and thinking patterns, which inhibit them in living fully and in discovering their inborn human potential. But in which direction should evolving human beings move in order to find completeness and satisfaction?  Is the ultimate goal of life simply to survive and be happy, to accumulate wealth and to gain prestige or is it to transcend consciously beyond what we think we are, which dies at death? In this talk we explore the relationships between transformation, time and transcendence in the context of our lives, dreams, fears and unexplained deep inner intuitive knowing.  http://www.arttherapies.cz/gertraud-a-schottenloher-eng.html

Dance and Movement Therapy with Judith R. Bunney

14. 03. 2016

A review of a long professional career in dance therapy, its ever-changing place in psychiatry and a look forward to the future of the creative arts therapies. More informations - http://www.arttherapies.cz/judith-bunney-eng.html

Art Therapy with Ephrat Huss

09. 03. 2016

The proposed workshop will outline the uses of social arts as a missing action based and participatory methodology within social work research - more informations - http://www.arttherapies.cz/ephrat-huss-eng.html

Research in Art Therapy with Marie Lhotová

07. 03. 2016

This contribution will introduce a research study conducted in cooperation with the Czech Arttherapy Asociation board and clients of clinical psychology practise in Prague. More information - http://www.arttherapies.cz/marie-lhotova2-eng.html

Art Therapy with Karin Alice Schouten

07. 03. 2016

ART THERAPY: THE ART OF TRAUMA TREATMENT - more informations - http://www.arttherapies.cz/karin-alice-schouten-eng.html

Music Therapy workshop with Jana Weber

07. 03. 2016

During this workshop we will explore the intersection of our identity as professional music therapist with our identity as musician and human being. We are going to search for our personal sounds with our voice and music instruments. We focus on our thoughts and feelings related to this topic in order to identify specific techniques in music therapy which correspond to each individual (to work with clients).

More informations -  http://www.arttherapies.cz/jana-weber-eng.html

New Conference 2016

14. 01. 2016

ATTENTION! Ladies and gentlemen, we are starting to  prepare for

The 3th International Arts Therapies Conference - Spaces for Art Therapies III. !
So please do not miss the date 24.- 25.6. 2016.

The conference will be held in a beautiful venue in Prague, The Czech Republic.

And this year our topic is

Time and Transformation. 
The conference is traditionally organized in collaboration with four professional associations  each of whom concentrattheir focus  on the expertise, ethics and the development of creative therapies In the Czech RepublicThey are: The Czech Art Therapy Association (CAA), The Association of drama therapists Czech Republic (ADCR),The Czech Music Therapy Association (CZMT) and the Czech Association of Dance  Movement Therapy TANTER.
For more details check out www.arttherapies.cz plus our FCB - expresivni terapie
The information will be published gradually, similar toprevious years, so this means you will have to look forward to what is coming as we look forward to you!

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