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The Association of Czech Dramatherapy

Dramatherapy can be defined as a psychotherapeutic approach, which uses theatrical means to find a wholesome balance in mental and physical field, in relationships, or to work intently on personal development.

The focus of Dramatherapy is a process associated with experiences based on the metaphor, imagination, projection, interaction and group dynamics, through which a connection of emotional, rational, sensory, and somatic planes is established.This makes Dramatherapy one of the the so-called expressive therapies.

Dramatherapy is not only focused on addressing a specific problem, but it also tries to expand insight into clients own situations and find solutions to problem areas indirectly through the game, story, role or situation or contribute to safe re-experiencing trauma.

Vision and Mission of ADCR


  • To improve lives of individuals and groups without distinction.
  • Professional growth, development and promotion of Dramatherapy.
  • Recognition and registration of the Dramatherapist as profession.


  • Our mission is to bring together dramatherapists and support their education, personal and professional growth in order to improve services to clients. We strive for further development and promotion of the Dramatherapy as profession with wide use and unique potential to help.

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