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The Czech Dance and Movement Therapy Association

Dance-movement therapy (DMT)

Dance and movement therapy uses movement as a tool for psychotherapy. It is a process of emotional, cognitive, social and physical integration of  a human. In this kind of psychotherapy the impuls of change is movement. Dance-movement therapy is based on interaction between body and mind, where the dance and movement are the communication channel between them. It reflects the personality and the changes on the kinetic level lead to the shift in mind.

The specifics of DMT

The aim of DMT is not to improve patterns of  movement, but discovering new ways of being, feeling and identifying emotions, that can´t be expressed in verbal way ( because of many reasons). Dance-movement therapy is indirect ( but structured), it leaves the activity on a client and  again it is answered with a movement. It removes pathological stereotypes, ties in behaviour or in     movement and it extends the movement complex of a person. Thanks to the knowledge of the developmental stages it supports psychomotor development. Analysing the movement is the principle for diagnosis and therapy. Body has a memory, so one of the main proces aspects in DMT is bringing unconsciousness to consciousness. 

TANTER – Czech association of Dance-Movement Therapy

TANTER – The Czech association of Dance-Movement Therapy was  found in year 2002 by the   graduates of the first DMT course in Czech republic, held  in years 1997-1999 under the sponsorship of ADTA( American Dance Therapy Association ).  TANTER is the member of the  European association of Dance-Movement Therapy.

The aims and objectives of TANTER

The function of TANTER is to establish the standarts for professional DMT therapists and keep it on a high level by maintaining further education and creating and contolling the accreditation system and communicate with other domains. The association will try to achieve its aims and objectives by:

  1. supporting education and  training of the therapists ( workshops, conferences, … )
  2. providing communication and know-how among DMT therapists (sharing experience, discussing new knowledge and tendencies )
  3. informing specialists from nearby subject fields but also amateurs about DMT to increase general awareness of DMT ( issuing all kinds of materials ) 
  4. cooperating with other associations  DMT ( ADTA, EADMT – European Association of Dance Movement Therapy ) 


TANTER associates the professionals and students of DMT as well as other individuals, institutions, schools or organisations interested in this field of knowledge. Anyone who has a liking for TANTER and fills in an application form can become a member. The graduates of the field can become professional members.

Capacity limitations

Limit: 150
Places available: 0


We would like to inform you about the up and coming International Conference in Expressive Art Therapies; “The Space for Art Therapies III.“, which will take place on June 24th and 25th 2016 in Prague.

The partners of this important and special conference are; The Czech Art Therapy Association, The Association of Czech Dramatherapy, The Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic and The Czech Dance and Movement Therapy Association.

The conference will offer many interesting workshops from the fields of art therapy, dramatherapy, music therapy and dance movement therapy. Foreign guests and lecturers will take part sharing their skills and experience.

The conference fee should not be more than 2600 CZK (110 EUR) – a discount for association members will be offered. More information will be available soon or you can email: beatealbrich@seznam.cz

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