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The Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic – CZMTA

The Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic (CZMTA) was founded in 2008 by experienced Music therapists with a background in medicin, psychology, psychotherapy, special education and music. Various founding members are certified music therapists in other countries.

In May 2008, CZMTA organized the International Music Therapy Conference to make its activities known and accessible to a wider audience of professionals in the field. The conference showcased the work of various prominent Czech music therapist as well as foreign guests including Dr. Clive Robbins and Prof. Wolfgang Mastnak. Subsequently the cooperation with the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Centres in USA and in Great Britain.

In 2009, CZMTA joined the World Federation of Music Therapy and conducted research projects in the area of education (application of music therapy principles in music education – Dr. Jana Weber) and developmental psychology (supportive developmental music therapy – Mgr. Matěj Lipský). Members of the CZMTA published of numerous articles and two reference text books in Czech: 

  • Kantor, J.; Lipský, M.; Weber, J. a kol.(2009): Základy muzikoterapie. Grada. Praha.
  • Krček, J. (2009): Musica Humana – úvod do Anthropozofické muzikoterapie. Fabula. Hranice.

On initiative of Blanka Kolínová, the founder of ČAMAD (Czech Associatin of Music Therapy and Drama Therapy), the process of integration of ČAMAD and CZMTA into one organization was initiated last year. ČAMAD is a member of the European Music Therapy Confederation and in October 2007 organised an international conference (Meeting Music Therapy and Drama Therapy). Many national and foreign professionals presented their recent work, among others Prof. Joseph Jacob Moreno and Dr. Jaroslava Zeleiová.

In 2010 the integration process of CZMTA and ČAMAD is proceeding and Mgr., Mgr. Markéta Gerlichová was appointed as a Czech representative for the European Music Therapy Confederation.

CZMTA cooperates with several foreign music therapy associations. Of specific interest is our cooperation with the Japanese Music Therapy Association. Its chairman and outstanding specialist in the field of music therapy, Prof. Tsutomu Masuka, accepted an invitation for the conference Space for Art Therapies that will take place in June 2010. Together we prepare exchange programs for students in music therapy as well as the presentation of work done by the Czech music therapy at conferences in Japan.

If you wish to become a member of the Czech Music Therapy Association, please contact us:

More information on www.musictherapy.cz  

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We would like to inform you about the up and coming International Conference in Expressive Art Therapies; “The Space for Art Therapies III.“, which will take place on June 24th and 25th 2016 in Prague.

The partners of this important and special conference are; The Czech Art Therapy Association, The Association of Czech Dramatherapy, The Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic and The Czech Dance and Movement Therapy Association.

The conference will offer many interesting workshops from the fields of art therapy, dramatherapy, music therapy and dance movement therapy. Foreign guests and lecturers will take part sharing their skills and experience.

The conference fee should not be more than 2600 CZK (110 EUR) – a discount for association members will be offered. More information will be available soon or you can email: beatealbrich@seznam.cz

CZ05 0800 0000 3528 4011 9329



Mezinárodní konference expresivních terapií Space For Art Therapies
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