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Marc Willemsen

Prisoners of neglected pasts

And the liberating art of playing in the present moment

In the turmoil of a changing world we constantly seek for stability, for equilibrium. The equilibrium we seek and (try) to reach is our best possible answer to the challenging present moment. Even when we for example show symptoms of withdrawal, control, submission or violence. It often reflects the impressions of (profound) past experiences and the way we framed or tried to frame them. Consciously and unconsciously. Especially the experiences related to our early childhood.

Sometimes the challenge of the present moment excites our inner dialogue between the ‘I’ (subject) and the ‘Me’ (object). Beyond the ‘familiar’, but still within the personal zone of tolerance. Leading to a reassessment of coagulated frames. Giving space for the unknown, neglected, rejected or ignored within the external and intrapersonal environment. Resulting into a ‘dimensionalisation’ of experience (Johnson, 2013).

But frequently it is too frightening. We perceive it as overwhelming and destabilizing. Especially when it is related to traumatic experiences. So we hold on to our convictions/frames about the world and ourselves. We (strongly) repeat. Even when it is dysfunctional: we become prisoners of neglected pasts.

In this presentation it will be revealed how play based on the art of (Trauma-Centred) Developmental Transformations lowers our fear of becoming overwhelmed and destabilized by the unique present moment. How it creates liberating opportunities for more complex and dynamic representations/frames of the world and ‘ourselves’. How the searched equilibrium presenting our best possible answer becomes more functional. Even, because of profound (or traumatic) past experiences, when we sense (high) anxiety in the present moment and playing seems unattractive or even impossible. 

Marc Willemsen M.A. is a registered Drama Therapist (SRVB) and works at the child and adolescent division of a psychiatric hospital (GGzCentraal). He is also a Senior Lecturer at the HU University of Applied Sciences in the Creative Arts Therapist Department and a Supervisor at the Nationwide Institute for Loss and Grief in the Netherlands (LSR). Graduate of the Institute for Developmental Transformations, a Psychodrama Therapist (NVGP) and registered group worker. He is Training Director of DvT Netherlands North. As an actor he has been involved for several years in the theatre company 'Wolkentheater' creating plays for refugee children.

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Mezinárodní konference expresivních terapií „Space for Art Therapies III.“ se bude konat od 24. 6. do 25. 6. 2016 v Praze v prostorách DAMU.

Tato významná a ojedinělá konference je připravována ve spolupráci České arteterapeutické asociace (ČAA), Asociace dramaterapeutů České republiky (ADCR), Muzikoterapeutické asociace České republiky (CZMTA)a České asociace taneční a pohybové terapie (TANTER).

Chystaná dvoudenní konference bude obsahovat mnoho praktických workshopů z oblasti arteterapie, dramaterapie, muzikoterapie a taneční pohybové terapie. Nebudou chybět ani významní zahraniční hosté a lektoři.

Konferenční poplatek byl stanoven na 2600 Kč (sleva 2400,- Kč se vztahuje pouze na členy asociací). Bližší informace získáte zde nebo na e-mailu: konference16@gmail.com

Číslo účtu: 35-2840119329/0800. V.S.: 316 (v případě fakturace nám prosíme napište email, vystavíme vám fakturu a zároveň přiřadíme nový variabilní symbol).

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