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Time & Transformation

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“Sound Martial Arts”

Sound Martial Arts (SMA) is a novel voice- and body-oriented approach with relevance to  non-verbal psychotherapy and preventive medicine. It combines elements of Eastern Asian Martial Arts such as the Japanese  空手 Karate and the Chinese 功夫 Kung Fu with various forms of energy work and health-related practices involving vocal and body work.

According to the congress’s title ‘Čas a Změna’, Mastnak’s workshop focuses on three aspects of time and transformation. First, both body movement and music embody these two principles. There is no movement and no music without the change of shape in a given time interval. The first aspect involves the philosophical problem of the flow of time and is devoted to the profound sensory experience of those principles through the practice of SMA.

Second, the workshop brings therapeutic changes of symptoms and problems such as in burn-out and stress-associated disorders into play. Transitions involve regulatory processes, personal growth, advanced disease management, and possibly the appearance of the ‘true self’.

This therapeutic feature of time and change are likely to result in long-term transitions. Sound and movement can form sense-giving life-styles where SMA serves as the source of creative modes to exploit life energies through voice and movement. The workshop provides a space for self-experience as well as for discussing features and futures of this approach.

CV: Wolfgang Mastnak, born 13.April 1959, Austrian.


1965 – 1969 Primary School in Salzburg
1969 – 1977 Akademisches Gymnasium in Salzburg (School with highest level)
1977-06-14 School Leaving Certificate (comparable to British A-level) “mit ausgezeichnetem Erfolg” (= with excellence = highest predicate)
1977 student at University for Music and Dramatic Arts “Mozarteum” in Salzburg and “Paris Lodron University” in Salzburg
1982-06-17 Master Diploma in Music education (Mozarteum) and in Mathematics (University Salzburg)
1982-06-03 Diploma Singing (University Mozarteum Salzburg)
1984-06-05 Diploma Piano (University Mozarteum Salzburg)
1985-10-24 Dr.rer.nat. in Mathematics (University Salzburg). Doctoral Thesis in the Field of Numerical Methods for Solving Systems of Integral Equations.
1987-06-25 Dr.phil. in Music Education (University for Music and Dramatic Arts “Mozarteum” in Salzburg) “mit Auszeichnung bestanden” (= summe cum laude = with excellence = highest predicate). Doctoral Thesis in the field of Anthropology & Music Education
1988-07-12 Philosophy, Education, and Psychology (University Salzburg) “mit Auszeichnung bestanden” (= with excellence)
1993-04-16 (Dr.paed.) Dr.paed. (University Potsdam) with Psychology and Music Education “mit Auszeichnung bestanden” (= summa cum laude = with excellence) Thesis in the Field of Music Therapy.
1994-06-03 Dr.paed.habil. (University Potsdam in co-operation with Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln = German University for Sports in Cologne and University of Music and Dramatic Arts Mozarteum in Salzburg) in Music Education. Thesis in the Field of Integrative Fields of Music Education and Music Therapy.
1996-05-07 Certificate as Psychotherapist (main field cognitive behavioural therapy)
1996-10-09 Approbation as Psychotherapist by the Austrian Ministry for Public Health

Professional Career:

1983-09-12 Teacher for Music Education and Mathematics in Salzburg
1991-04-29 Director of Music Therapy at “Landesnervenklinik Salzburg”, today: Christian Doppler University Hospital for Neurology and Psychiatry
1993-11-25Hochschulassistent (somehow comparable to an associated professor) at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts Mozarteum in Salzburg
1996-07-24 appointment by the Bavarian Minister of Education, Sciences, and Arts to the Chair of Music Education at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Contract without any limitations. From there on worldwide lectures e.g. at the Charles university in Prague, the Tokyo Gakugei University, London University, Marmara University in Istanbul etc.
1997-09 Head of Music Therapy & Special Music Education at the CFMI / University of Strasbourg / France (Université des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg)
1999 President of the Austrian Heart Association (mainly dealing with preventive and re-integrative topics of heart patients)
2004-04-14 Gastprofessor am Shanghai conservatory of music,
2004-10 Chief Responsible for Neurosciences at the State Institute for Music and Dance Education CEFEDEM in Nantes / France
2008 Composer in Residence in San Francisco (Carl Djerassi Program)
2009-09-07 Professor of Psychology for Music Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences Krems (Austria)
2010-03-31 Advisory professor an der Fudan University.
2012 responsible editor of the section music therapy of the German journal “Musik-, Tanz- und Kunsttherapie” (often regarded as the best professional journal in this field in Europe)

2013 advising professor for music therapy, music in medicine and elementary music education at the Conservatory of the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul

Awards, Scientific Memberships etc.:

1996-11 Active Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

2001-10-12 International Biographical Centre Cambridge / UK: election among the 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century

2001-11 Prize of Honour by the Czech Music Council / Council International of Music of UNESCO

2001-12-13 Silver Medal and Certificate of Honor of the University of Presov, Slovakia

2002-03-09 Full Membership of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (“Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europea”)

2006-11-16 Honorary Fellowship of York St John University / UK

American Biographical Institute nomination for Great Minds of the 21st Century … including just 1,000 of the world’s top thinkers and intellectuals

The Board of the American Biographical Institute: nomination to represent your country with this major honor to receive the Gold Medal for Germany in the name of your people and Germany


more than 10 books such as e.g.

(Katzbichler出版社) (Popper, Gebser und die Musikpädagogik – Integrale Strukturen musikalischer Erziehung/Popper, Gebser and Music Education – Integral Structures of Music Education). Munich / Salzburg 1990 (Katzbichler)

1994 (Matus出版社) (Sinne – Künste – Lebenswelten. Polyästhetische Erziehung und Therapie durch mehrsinnliches Wahrnehmen und gesamtkünstlerisches Gestalten /Senses – Arts – Living Spaces. Polyaesthetic Education and Therapy through Multisensory Perception and Integral Artistic Production). Presov 1994 (Matus)

more than 140 scientific articles such as e.g.

Prolegomena zum Künstlerischen in der Therapie (Prolegomena for the Essence of Arts in Therapy). In: Musik-, Tanz- und Kunsttherapie (Journal of the European Association of Music-, Dance- and Arts-Therapy). Stuttgart / New York 1991 (Thieme)

“Oft hat ein Seufzer” – Vom Heilenden und Krankmachenden im Musikunterricht (On Therapeutic and Pathogenic Effects of Music Education). In: Musik in der Schule (Journal Music in Classroom-Education). Berlin 1992 (Pädagogischer Zeitschriftenverlag)

Tanz – Musik – Trance. Integration von Psychoprophylaxe und ethnologischen Inhalten im Oberstufenunterricht (Dance – Music – Trance. Integration of Psycho-preventive and Ethnological Aspects in Highschool-Education). In: Hörmann, K. (Ed.): Tanztherapie (Dance Therapy). Göttingen 1993 (Hogrefe)

Synästhetische Trance (Synaesthetic Trance). In: Zifreund, W. (Ed.): Therapien im Zusammenspiel der Künste (Therapies within the Interplay of the Arts). Tübingen 1996 (Attempo)

Das Herz als Zentrum des Lebens (The Heart as Centre of Life). In: Unger, F. (Ed.): Herzerkrankungen und Interventionsmöglichkeiten (Heart Diseases and Interventions = German Standard Reference for Cardiology). Berlin / Heidelberg / New York 1997 (Springer)

Psychotherapeutische Ansätze (Psychotherapeutic Methods in Cardiology). In: Unger, F. (Ed.): Herzerkrankungen und Interventionsmöglichkeiten (Heart Diseases and Interventions = German Standard Reference for Cardiology). Berlin / Heidelberg / New York 1997 (Springer)

Die Künste – ein kulturimmanentes Gleichnis des Menschlichen? Aspekte einer transkulturellen Pädagogik (The Arts – A Cultural Metaphor of the Essence of Man? Aspects of Trans-cultural Education). In: Roscher, W. (Ed.): Leben und Lehren (Life and Education). Munich / Salzburg 2000 (Katzbichler)

Sound Work – Therpie mit Stimme und Körper (Sound Work – Therapy through Voice and Body). In: Zeitschrift für Musik-, Tanz- und Kunsttherapie (Journal of the European Association of Music-, Dance-, and Arts-Therapy). Stuttgart / New York 2000 (Thieme)

Das Transpersonalitätsprinzip in der Musiktherapie (The Principe of Transpersonality in Music Therapy). In: Zeitschrift für Musik-, Tanz- und Kunsttherapie (Journal of the European Association of Music-, Dance-, and Arts-Therapy). Stuttgart / New York 2001 (Thieme)

Transmediale Encounteranalyse. Ein kulturanthropologischer Versuch von Musikanalyse im Unterricht (Transmedial Encounter-Analysis. A Cultural-Anthropological Attempt of Music-Analysis in Education). In: Diskussion Musikpädagogik (Journal Discussion Music Education). 2002 (Lugert)

Vital – teamfähig – flexible: Superdroge Blasmusik (Vitality – Team Spirit – Flexibility: Windmusic as a Superdrug for Personal Abilities). In: Salzburger Volkskultur. Salzburg 2006 (Landesverband Salzburger Volkskultur)

Musik als Therapie (Music as Therapy). In: AfS-Magazin (German Journal for Music Education). Berlin 2008

Polyästhetische Therapie (Polyaesthetic Therpay). In: H.-H.Decker-Voigt / E.Weymann (Ed.): Lexikon Musiktherapie (Encyclopedia Music Therapy). Göttingen et.al. 2009 (Hogrefe)

Various Interviews and Articles in Newspapers etc. such as e.g.

Selbstmord ist zutiefst menschliche Realität (Suicide is Deep Human Reality). In: Salzburger Nachrichten. May 2nd 1992

Das Wichtigste ist der Patient (The Most Important is the Patient). Interview on Cardiology in Ärzte-Krone (Austrian Journal for Medical Doctors). March 6th 2009

Specific Profile:

Music: pianist, specialising on Austrian Music as well as on contemporary music; stage director and conductor (esp. sound scene improvisation), composer (especially for unconventional ensembles)

Sciences: Music Therapy, Music Education, Psychological Methods of Music Analysis, Neuro-Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in Cardiology

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Mezinárodní konference expresivních terapií „Space for Art Therapies III.“ se bude konat od 24. 6. do 25. 6. 2016 v Praze v prostorách DAMU.

Tato významná a ojedinělá konference je připravována ve spolupráci České arteterapeutické asociace (ČAA), Asociace dramaterapeutů České republiky (ADCR), Muzikoterapeutické asociace České republiky (CZMTA)a České asociace taneční a pohybové terapie (TANTER).

Chystaná dvoudenní konference bude obsahovat mnoho praktických workshopů z oblasti arteterapie, dramaterapie, muzikoterapie a taneční pohybové terapie. Nebudou chybět ani významní zahraniční hosté a lektoři.

Konferenční poplatek byl stanoven na 2600 Kč (sleva 2400,- Kč se vztahuje pouze na členy asociací). Bližší informace získáte zde nebo na e-mailu: konference16@gmail.com

Číslo účtu: 35-2840119329/0800. V.S.: 316 (v případě fakturace nám prosíme napište email, vystavíme vám fakturu a zároveň přiřadíme nový variabilní symbol).

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