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Roles and counter-roles in Dramatherapy and Commedia dell'Arte - Basic Level

Raffaella Perrotta

In our life we can be and play severals characters, but sometimes it happens
that we get bound into the same role and tend to use the same automatic
reactions or the same rigid body and expressive schemes from which we hardly
get out.
For clients who need strong structures to find and look at themselves,
traying to make a changing in their life and to expand their own "inside
company of actors", a work with the commedia dell'Arte' s characters could be
usefull because:
- it starts from the movement and the improvisation
- it offers a quite clear holding, playful and immediate for our own schemes,
also the emotional one
- it supplies a structure for our actions
- it enables the identification of some conducts
- it sets up the process of widening our range of roles, which is a basic
element for a dramatherapeutic process

During the first part of the workshop we will see and play with the five
characters of Commedia Dell'Arte - the Zanni, The Old Man, The Lover, The
Captain, The Doctor - in order to find our archetypical roles and to test the
possibilities offered by the other masks to support clients in their
transformation and in being in contact with the others in an easy way.
In the second part we will see and discuss some videos of dramatherapy group
session that use Commedia dell'Arte to find their role and counter-roles.

During the workshop will be given tools for working with clients and
informations on each mask (name, status, stance, walking, movements, gesture,
speech, characteristics, relationships, plot functions)

NB: This workshop shows the results of 5-years research aruond roles and
counter-roles in Dramatherapy and Commedia dell'arte connected with the
Leaderships studies of PNL (Neuro Linguistic Programm)

Dr. Raffaella Perrotta, Dramatherapist, Actress, Trainer, Supervisor.
Graduated in “Theatre in Education” at Dams (Turin University), Dramatherapist
qualified at Lecco School of Art- Therapies. MA in Social Theatre at Cattolica
University (Milan).
President of Spid (the Italian Professional Society of Dramatherapy); Tutor,
Supervisor and Theacher of Dramatherapy and Education (Lecco’s School of Art-
terapies); Co-founder of “Dramatherapy Study and research” (www.drammaterapia.
net) and Fattore3 (www.fattoretre.it) .
Works as dramatherapist (self employed) in individual sessiond and group
programs with children, adults, psychiatrics, people affected by the Down
syndrome, autistic people, people with various disabilities.

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Mezinárodní konference expresivních terapií „Space for Art Therapies III.“ se bude konat od 24. 6. do 25. 6. 2016 v Praze v prostorách DAMU.

Tato významná a ojedinělá konference je připravována ve spolupráci České arteterapeutické asociace (ČAA), Asociace dramaterapeutů České republiky (ADCR), Muzikoterapeutické asociace České republiky (CZMTA)a České asociace taneční a pohybové terapie (TANTER).

Chystaná dvoudenní konference bude obsahovat mnoho praktických workshopů z oblasti arteterapie, dramaterapie, muzikoterapie a taneční pohybové terapie. Nebudou chybět ani významní zahraniční hosté a lektoři.

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